Medisyn Technologies

Medisyn Technologies LLC is a licensing development company that was established to develop the technology covered in U.S. Patent No. 7,464,043, “Computerized Method and System for Obtaining, Storing and Accessing Medical Records.” This patent is assigned to Medisyn Technologies.

The patent covers a computerized technology for managing health records for large numbers of medical patients, including the uploading of progress notes for patient. The progress notes include information about encounters between a patient and physician, and allows for identifying on each progress note parameters selectable by the physician. The technology includes a process that allows for storing a progress note with the physician’s parameters in a database accessible to multiple authorized users. An additional process allows population of the database with additional progress notes from subsequent encounters between the patient and any physician so that a historical set of progress notes is created for each patient.

As health care services become more complex, and patients are referred from HMOs or managed care units to physicians, very often specialists, and then back to the original provider, maintaining a history of the encounters between the patient and all physicians treating that patient becomes more and more critical to comprehensive and effective health care delivery.

Medisyn Technologies LLC is a subsidiary of General Patent Corporation, the leading patent monetization firm. General Patent is the managing member of Medisyn Technologies and the exclusive licensing agent for the ‘043 patent.